1. Windflower's Avatar
    Does anyone know the exact version number of Swype that comes pre-installed on the T-mobile Vibrant?

    I know that a few months ago, I followed a link to a new version of Swype and installed it, thinking it was an upgrade. I think I mistakenly installed the Beta. I want to make sure I'm using the version that came with my phone. I am using version 10369. Is that the Beta or is that the installed version?

    If it is the Beta, how do I get my stable, installed version back?
    12-14-2010 10:25 PM
  2. terpitude71's Avatar
    the version that came pre-installed on your phone is not something you would be able to un-install unless you are rooted. so you should be able to go into your app manager and un-install the swype app in there (which should be the beta)
    12-15-2010 01:38 PM

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