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    Hi, I've tried Googling this but quite honestly I can't find an answer that I can understand. I cannot work out who can see what.

    A while back, I was talked into installing Whatsapp, but had a terrifying experience when I saw a whole bunch of long-forgotten contacts suddenly listed as potential Whatsapp contacts - and presumably all those people got to see my name pop up on their device too.

    Not good. I have lots of old contacts in my phone: enemies, ex-girlfriends, ex-employers, ex-employees. I see no need to delete these contacts, in fact I would rather keep them in case I do ever need to contact them or so that I can identify the call if they ever try to contact me.

    But the last thing I want is to suddenly pop up in front of their face, remind them of our past history or even give away that I still have them in my phone. I also don't know how it works if I (or they) have changed phone numbers in the meantime - do these apps somehow pass on a contact's name even if their number is totally new to the other party?

    I'd love to find an iMessage alternative, but this kind of aggressive contact matching seems really ugly!
    01-25-2016 03:07 AM

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