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    Which e-book reader + dictionary app combo are you using?

    I couldn't find a single good dictionary app that has multiple dictionaries and languages. They either have 1 English dictionary or a measly number of other languages.

    What i would like is a dictionary application that works as a hub for multiple languages. I would like to download Oxford, Longmans, Websters and other English dictionaries as well as many other languages.

    It would be good if such a dictionary has integration with a good e-book reader. I currently have FBReader and it is lacking in dictionary support although the app itself is otherwise seems okay.

    P.S Recently jumped ship to Android from Windows Phone 8.1 and although Android as an OS is infinitely better than WP8.1, it has such a high number of apps, finding the right one is such a chore.

    On WP, TucanReader+SilverDict combo was easy to find but that could be because Windows Phone 8.1 market is not that big. lol!
    06-27-2017 04:32 PM
  2. AutumnElf's Avatar
    FB Reader like you, plus Livio dictionary. I use both online app and offline dict. Livio was recommended long ago by someone in FBReader forums. I don't think it's as well known but I love it the most. It has found a lot of definitions of old words in Irish, Scottish and English for me. Customizable backgrounds. Try it out!
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    06-27-2017 09:04 PM
  3. Yamucha's Avatar
    Hi! Thank you for your reply!

    I downloaded Moon+Reader. I liked its interface and options much more than FBReader although my one gripe with Moon+Reader is that it shows page counter for individual chapters not the book's as a whole though if the book doesn't have a chapter index linked it shows the page counter for the whole book. It's a small nuisance but a nuisance nonetheless.

    As for the offline dictionary, i use Dict Box Universal. Has plenty of dictionaries and doesn't limit the number of definitions or dictionaries unlike the other free dictionaries.

    I looked around on the web and found the Developer of SilverDict for Windows Phone left a method for exporting dictionary files from his app. His dictionary app has some solid dictionaries i would like to use.
    06-28-2017 06:04 PM
  4. AutumnElf's Avatar
    I have to say, I tried Moon+Reader in the past and really liked it a lot too. So good choice! I never noticed the page counter there when I was comparing different features with FBReader.

    I'll have to look at DictBox. That sounds familiar...but I will go look at it again. Sounds interesting.
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    06-29-2017 03:11 PM
  5. AutumnElf's Avatar
    Wow I like the look of dictbox. I will be downloading this to try. It looks great.
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    06-29-2017 03:14 PM
  6. Ivan Ivanenko's Avatar
    I am using Librera Reader with dictionaries, just single click on word open popup with all offline dictionaries
    app installed on my phone. In one click I can choose Oxford or Longman or other.
    It's also possible to open words in online dictionaries or Wikipedia.
    11-17-2017 09:04 AM
  7. Je0232639's Avatar
    I recommend FullReader. FullReader is an e-reader app supporting many formats and providing an embedded translator.

    The app provides translating of any textbook fragment on many languages precisely from the reading form. Integrated in-app translator supports operations with 95 languages worldwide without the need to install additional dictionaries.

    The most important benefit of the app is translation results can be copied into the clipboard and played back via the “Reading aloud” function. So, I read books and practice my listening skills in a new language.
    03-27-2019 10:52 AM

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