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    I've just released a really cool app that can help people keep their family safe!

    With raven, you can be alerted when your family is in danger, even if your phone is in silent mode!

    with a simple activation from the lock screen, Raven will initiate a call to your emergency contact.

    Once it was activated, raven will also send the user's location, every 5 minutes.

    Most of app features are free, but there are some that only available to the premium version.

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    Short Video:



    Main Features:

    * Initiate an emergency call from the lock screen

    * Make sure your contact gets your request for help:

    * Even if your contact phone is in silent mode

    * Your contact will have a special notification

    * Send your location

    * Ongoing-Event where your location will be sent every 5 minutes.

    * Automatic calling which will call your emergency contacts, by order, one by one, automatically

    * Control who can reach you when your phone is in silent mode

    * Driving Mode - Detect Car accidents and automatically sends your location and help request to your family

    * Active Mode - Choose a time interval in which u must click a button. If you wont click it in time, an emergency alert will be sent with your location!

    Premium Features:
    * "Ongoing Emergency Event" Is not restricted to 50 minutes

    * Allowed to add more than 4 contacts to each list

    * Additional Sending Options - send an automatic SMS or a voice-recorded message that will be converted to text.

    * App Customizing where you can customize this app with features such as Modifying the notification sound or volume, Change whether
    there would be a constant notification for creating an emergency call, Lockscreen icon, position, if should it be visible and more.

    12-21-2017 03:22 PM

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