GrabGEO: geolocation service and tracker

Vlad Ri

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Feb 9, 2023
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The application provides the ability to track the geo-location in real time, which will be useful for parents, courier companies or large parties.

The main features of the application:
- The creation of groups (teams and communities). Teams (for example, for courier companies) have a rights policy: there is an owner, administrators and ordinary users. In communities (family/friends) everyone is equal.
- Tracking the location of group users in a certain zone with a notification (if the object has left or entered the observation zone)
- The ability to view the location/ path of the group members on any of the days
- The ability to view your location/path on any of the days
- Assigning tasks to specific checkpoints
- Sending locations to group members
- Publication of statuses (news photo feed)
- Tour guide Mode: Allows the guide/guide to see where his tourists are
- Publication of statuses (news photo feed)
- Joining a group by QR code or character code
- You can invite another participant by sending an invitation
- Support for HMS (Petal Maps) for Huawei devices that do not support Google Maps)

The application interface is very simple and intuitive.
Three languages are supported: English, Spanish and Russian.


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