12-23-2012 06:57 AM
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  1. Anthony Colvin1's Avatar
    my mother in law is the kindest person I have ever known
    12-22-2012 07:27 PM
  2. Brainerd's Avatar
    This one is for my wife, who in the last 3 years has given us two wonderful children.
    12-22-2012 07:28 PM
  3. Jamest2000's Avatar
    I love my happy family we are haveing a great holiday and going to vist even more family soon. I love them!
    12-22-2012 07:28 PM
  4. Zaroda's Avatar
    Thanks Steve Jobs, without you, the world would still be bragging about their flip phones!
    12-22-2012 07:28 PM
  5. Dawgmatic91's Avatar
    Although he caused the toilet to overflow in the master bathroom, causing thousands in repairs to the floor and ceiling below, I love my beautiful son Braxton. At the age of 3 it's amazing how he came up with the idea to remodel right before Christmas. Merry Christmas son, Santa will still deliver to you, your brothers, twin sister and mom!
    12-22-2012 07:29 PM
  6. Wicket's Avatar
    you all are my Android family and I think you are the best and I wish you all happy holidays!
    12-22-2012 07:29 PM
  7. futureandroider's Avatar
    Happy thoughts...if i win!
    12-22-2012 07:29 PM
  8. Yusri Ghouse's Avatar
    I love my dad and want to give him a tablet so he feels awesome when he gets to use high tech gadgets like the rest of the family.
    12-22-2012 07:29 PM
  9. mop26921's Avatar
    happy thoughts!
    12-22-2012 07:29 PM
  10. awx's Avatar
    HTC and Sony both seem to be making better phones. I hope they both get better sales in the new year.
    12-22-2012 07:29 PM
  11. fooflam's Avatar
    My wife puts up with my crap way more than I put up with hers. I'm glad she said yes.
    12-22-2012 07:30 PM
  12. Bulldog1377's Avatar
    Want to thank my parents for raising me, my sister for putting up with me, my wife for all the hard work she does and for loving me and my kids for letting me be their dad! Merry Christmas!
    12-22-2012 07:30 PM
  13. karagounis's Avatar
    would this make a great gift for the wife... but I never win these things...
    12-22-2012 07:30 PM
  14. Dwight GolidayJr's Avatar
    My parents are the best.
    12-22-2012 07:30 PM
  15. Reptileboy95's Avatar
    Well I've been sick in the hospital with MDS for the past 2 years and I've always wanted a Google tablet but with all the medical bills and everything my parents aren't able to afford one for me so if I were to win this contest this would be the best Christmas I've had in a very long time!!
    12-22-2012 07:30 PM
  16. KCC123's Avatar
    Love my mum and dad, they're the greatest. Whoever gave me that Ingress invite, you are pretty awesome too!
    12-22-2012 07:30 PM
  17. uknowwhoiam76's Avatar
    Phil hope you and yours have a great holiday! Good luck to all!
    12-22-2012 07:30 PM
  18. daniel2744's Avatar
    I'm thankful this holiday season for my best friend. She is fun to be around and we fight a lot but I wouldn't have it any other way.
    12-22-2012 07:31 PM
  19. husa3695's Avatar
    I would like to win one for my nephews thanks. Happy Holidays!!!

    Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 2
    12-22-2012 07:31 PM
  20. kilo720's Avatar
    Merry Christmas android central and the community
    12-22-2012 07:32 PM
  21. Sun Invester's Avatar
    I would like to recommend one more choice. Google Nexus 7 Aluminum Case and Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard | JSXL Technology | Making Life Better the more choices, the better for us. It's an Aluminum Case with Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Google Nexus 7 which serves as a best partner for my Nexus 7 in many ways.It is sold at $39.99 only. Hope my recommendation helps.
    12-22-2012 07:32 PM
  22. tullywork's Avatar
    I am appreciative of anyone who has common courtsey, specifically that guy in the blue car today who saw I was backing up to get a parking space that people were walking to their car at and respected my dibs, without this act of understanding I probably would of broke out into a fit of rage and pooped myself. Happy holidays :-)
    12-22-2012 07:32 PM
  23. chancephelps's Avatar
    The cake is not a lie.
    12-22-2012 07:32 PM
  24. Storm72's Avatar
    I would like thank ALL of our Brothers - Sisters - Fathers - Mothers - Aunts and Uncles that will not be home for the Holidays because they are at War with our enemies and protecting our Freedoms and Borders.
    They are the bravest and most unselfish people I have ever known.
    Be Safe all of you and get home as quickly as possible!
    Thank You!

    Twas the night before Christmas
    He lived all alone
    in a one bedroom house made of
    plaster and stone.

    I had come down the chimney
    with presents to give,
    and to see just who
    in this home did live.

    I looked all about,
    a strange sight I did see,
    no tinsel, no presents,
    not even a tree.

    No stocking by mantle,
    just boots filled with sand,
    on the wall hung pictures
    of far distant lands.

    With medals and badges,
    awards of all kinds,
    a sober thought
    came through my mind.

    For this house was different,
    it was dark and dreary,
    I found the home of a soldier,
    once I could see clearly.

    The soldier lay sleeping,
    silent, alone,
    curled up on the floor
    in this one bedroom home.

    The face was so gentle,
    the room is such disorder,
    not how I pictured
    a United States soldier.

    Was this the hero
    of whom I 'd just read?
    Curled up on a poncho,
    the floor for a bed?

    I realized the families
    that I saw this night,
    owed their lives to these soldiers
    who were willing to fight.

    Soon round the world,
    the children would play,
    and grown-ups would celebrate
    a bright Christmas day.

    They all enjoyed freedom
    each month of the year,
    because of the soldiers,
    like the one lying here.

    I couldn't help wonder
    how many lay alone,
    on a cold Christmas eve
    in a land far from home.

    The very thought
    brought a tear to my eye,
    I dropped to my knees
    and started to cry.

    The soldier awakened
    and I heard a rough voice,
    "Santa don't cry,
    this life is my choice;

    I fight for freedom,
    I don't ask for more,
    My life is my God,
    my country, my Corps."

    The soldier rolled over
    and drifted to sleep,
    I couldn't control it
    I continued to weep.

    I kept watch for hours,
    so silent and still
    and we both shivered
    from the cold night's chill.

    I didn't want to leave
    on that cold, dark night,
    this guardian of honor
    so willing to fight.

    Then the soldier rolled over,
    with a voice soft and pure,
    whispered, "Carry on Santa,
    It's Christmas day, all is secure."

    One look at my watch,
    and I knew he was right.
    "Merry Christmas my friend
    and to all a good night."
    chancephelps likes this.
    12-22-2012 07:32 PM
  25. johntobler's Avatar
    President Obama is making decent efforts to help our country.
    12-22-2012 07:33 PM
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