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  • Stock

    5 27.78%
  • Sense UI

    13 72.22%

    0 0%
  1. fearmychickens's Avatar
    Which do you prefer?

    I've had my Droid for four months now and it's my first Android phone. I really like the stock UI and don't really care for any of the others but I have heard some good things about Sense.
    05-29-2010 04:16 PM
  2. Kyle Gibb's Avatar
    Sense makes Android visually and aesthetically competitive with the iPhone OS and webOS. Stock is intimidating to a lot of people who aren't techies. I just wish HTC gave everyone an option to disable Sense if the user chose to =P
    05-29-2010 08:29 PM
  3. rwilliams268's Avatar
    Have have Motoblur on my Devour and not really a fan of it, but it does sorta get the job done. Sense UI on the other hand looks fantastic and when I was looking at getting another device it was going to be the HTC Eris but they didn't have any in stock, my next choice was the Motorola Droid and that also was out of stock so I settled for the Devour. Currently trying to find a way to root and tinker with it.
    05-31-2010 06:44 PM
  4. terpitude71's Avatar
    i havent gotten to really use sense, so stock is my vote. motoblur is pretty terrible. my wife had a devour and was so disgusted with the UI that she switched to a moto droid
    05-31-2010 07:02 PM
  5. fearmychickens's Avatar
    Judging from videos, I think I'd like Sense UI. It looks pretty nice and adds some nice little extras.

    IDK about MotoBlur though. I've only seen it run on low end Android phones and it looks too cluttered for my taste. I'm into Facebook but I'm not a social networking addict so I don't think it would be my thing.

    So I think the only Android phones I'd ever consider are ones with stock and Sense UI.
    06-02-2010 05:26 AM
  6. Gmaxxx's Avatar
    My g/f has the Devour and the Motoblur is a real nice option for Social Networking fans. However she's had nothing but problems with the device and is on her 3rd one. We figured out that it is due to something interacting between Motoblur and Google. For me I love the Sense UI, great looking and really cool.
    06-02-2010 11:21 PM
  7. techsamaritan's Avatar
    I went to at&t to look around and played with the backflip and I got to say, I was impressed! Motoblur is fun and the interface was clean and quick. Not sure how well the email would work but I'd definitely get this before I would the hero again.
    06-03-2010 01:00 AM