1. RacecarBMW's Avatar
    Ok so I have browsed the forums a lot but never posted anyway onto my question

    I recently read that after the current batch of nexus ones are sold out Google wont sell any more so I was wondering should go get a nexus or no?

    I have my eyes set on a droid X but I don't know

    the nexus is also good what would you guys recommend the network is not problem all work good in my area also should I just wait for the droid 2
    07-17-2010 05:07 PM
  2. jdbower's Avatar
    Nexus is AT&T or T-Mobile only, the other phones you mentioned are Verizon - that probably decides things for you.

    Personally the Nexus is a great phone for devs, but I think most users would be happier with Motorola or HTC (especially the latter if you like to play hacker without actually being one ).
    07-17-2010 05:33 PM