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    What did you do while in quarantine?
    For me, I usually checked Facebook to update with my friends, watched movies alone and lied down on the sofa all day. Kind of boring! But luckily, I found my true passion in this time - conquer Block puzzle game 2020. It's very easy to play but super addictive. I can't let my phone out of my hand for second!

    Discover an interesting game for Android Mobile-m.png

    - Play offline, doesn't need Wi-Fi
    - Hundreds of challenging stages to conquer and lots of eyes-catching diamonds
    - Great features of Amazon jungle with awesome sound system with dropping coins sound.
    - Suitable for all ages, I usually competed with my nephews while in quarantine

    - Advertisements!!! Not a fan when advertisement pops up after finish a stage. But almost every free game will have, so for me, it's not a very big deal
    - Sometime has errors with graphics. I gave the company feedbacks about my errors, and they fixed it quite fast.

    That all my thought about this game. It's worth a try. Trust me, once you start the game, it's hard to get out.

    Link bio: Block Puzzle 2020
    09-05-2020 06:36 AM

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