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    Hey everyone, started an indie game company about a year ago and just released our first game, which is Big Hangman of Fortune. I wanted post it on here and get some feedback/spread the word, etc. Standard stuff!

    Anyways, the game is a pretty unique twist on the classic game of Hangman. It has two multiplayer modes (1v1 and Free For All), leaderboards, themes, achievements and some pretty strong 2D/3D graphics for the word genre. There are several cool tweaks to the standard hangman gameplay, namely in the scoring system and the addition of an Eliminate letters mode where you can take out as many letters that you don't think are in the word prior to solving (all that makes sense when you play it). The game has been received well thus far, but it's still really early in its life cycle so I'm always on the lookout for quality feedback. The game is free and you can get it at the Google Play link below, hope you like it!

    Google Play Link

    03-22-2013 03:30 AM
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    Gave it the thread the proper labeling
    03-23-2013 03:55 PM

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