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    Anyone else playing this?


    I got started on this game last week and can't stop checking in. I think it's a great idea for a game though still in Beta and needs some more balancing to give it extended playability.

    I wanted to start this thread so other people could post their experiences with this game and what it's like to play in your area. I'd prefer to stay away from the bug reports since there are other threads about that and the developer is working on those. I'm more interested in hearing how you infected 3 people on the way to work today, or how you leveled up taking out a few zombies last night.

    I live in the Baltimore/DC area and the infected still haven't taken over yet, but they made a big move on Baltimore last night doubling the amount of zombies. It looked like one of the zombies that I've attacked 3 times now went on a rampage last night and converted everyone around me, but some how he skipped over me since I must have been too far off the highway. This all helped me out because I attacked 4 of those new zombies last night and I'm up to a lvl 4 zombie hunter now and can take zombies out for 45 minutes now. I'm going to try to stay clean as long as I can but I wouldn't mind being a zombie since they sound more fun.
    04-22-2011 02:26 PM

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