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    Prevent the Flood. Hurry to close the tap. Pipes are laid, water is fed, but the taps are open.
    Water goes through one of the four pipes. Each pipe has its own faucet, but only one can be closed.
    Hurry to close the desired faucet - otherwise there will be a deluge.
    Two game modes. For Time and Quantity.
    When playing "on time" you can as much as you want to explore the pipes and then apply water.
    In the rating is the total time of 5 successful passes in a row.
    When playing "on Quantity" water is supplied immediately after laying the pipes.
    The rating is the number of successive passes in a row.
    To close the valve, touch it. To view the fenced parts of the pipes, touch the screen with the offset.


    09-20-2017 03:46 AM
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    09-20-2017 04:21 PM

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