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    Samsung Galaxy S7
    Android 8.0

    I don't know what screen to call it, but if your phone is off, and you press a button, before any security to let me in, I have a screen with an image I loaded from an SD Card years ago. I think it may be the 'lock screen'.

    It's not the same image that is the background once I have 'logged in' to the phone, but I don't know what Android is currently calling that background/screen.

    Years ago I loaded an image from my SD Card - an adorable one of my dogs when they were young and still got along. The SD Card crash long ago and I lost most of my images, but I'd LOVE to try to save this one and I've put off Updates until I can research this.

    Unfortunately I've been stricken with the disease of idiocy, so I need the help of patient, understanding, intelligent humans to assist me. I humbly request your attention.

    tl;dr -
    Samsung Galaxy S7
    Android 8.0
    Where is the image file saved for the lock screen?
    I want to save this image because it has sentimental value.
    Experienced: Once an image from the SD Card is saved as a lock screen, it must be copied somewhere, because I loaded an image from an SD Card which later on became corrupted and has been removed, but the image persists.
    09-17-2020 01:33 PM
  2. CreepyOne's Avatar
    Ya know, part of my affliction is that I fret and worry before asking a question.
    But once I ask it, THEN the majik happens and something actually usable comes from teh Googles (as opposed to trying to sell me something on kijiji, amazon, or ebay).

    Anyhoo -
    - Developer Mode
    - Enable USB Debugging
    - Connect
    - Android -> data -> com.sec.android.wallpapercropper2

    my image file was right in there as a .jpg.
    I saved it and good.

    Thanks for...umm...being here?
    I'm back to lurking.
    Have a lovely day!
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    09-17-2020 02:02 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central, and thanks for sharing your solution! I would've thought that image was inaccessible on an unrooted device, so this will be helpful for others in the same boat.
    09-17-2020 02:56 PM

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