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    It's been about 4 weeks since I started my first thread here in hopes of seeking assistance for one issue I had with a Zeepad 7.0 tablet I received as a gift. Some app update was bugged and froze my tablet on its "Android" logo screen. Factory reset couldn't fix this issue, so I downloaded an official firmware.img from Zeepad's website. However, this firmware.img was different from this tablet's initial firmware and it shrank my tablet's /data partition from 0.98GB to 504MB. Regrettably, the one response I did get didn't resolve the issue I had.

    Although I haven't gave up on fixing this issue on my own, I no longer want my Androidcentral account because I felt it wasn't as helpful as I hoped. I wish to deactivate this issue and delete my initial thread. However, I can't find an option in my user profile to deactivate my account manually. Is it possible request a mod to deactivate a member's account and delete prior threads? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    06-14-2014 05:23 PM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar

    We don't deactivate accounts. They just lay dormant once you log out until (if) you log in once again. As for the threads and content related to your account unless it is something of personal nature we leave the content alone.

    Your welcome to send an email to accounts@mobilenations.com if you wish to discuss this further.

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    06-14-2014 05:33 PM
  3. anon8880866's Avatar
    Thanks you for the quick response. I just used that email you listed in order to get some additional assistance.
    06-14-2014 07:08 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It's too bad to hear about the issues with your tablet. Keep in mind that it can be very difficult to assist users with devices that are not very common, because with Android, one solution does not fit all. Espeically when it comes to rooting and ROMs, there needs to be a relatively robust user community for a particular device in order to be helpful.

    Good luck with your future tech adventures!
    06-15-2014 01:54 AM

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