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    Please help,I am very new to tablets so I started with a cheaper brand. 4.1.1 and have the following appearing every time I press on the notifications bar bottom right hand side.
    for example ADE 2.0 installer.exe [and it says download complete] and when I press on the ADE 2.0 it says that -----the process android. process.media has stopped working.This occurs with 3 othe items ie android office reader.zip and when I prees on it to open it, it says process.media has stopped working.
    Please help me my tablet type is 10" quad core audiosonic with camera Model C-22Q
    I am just trying to avoid a new reset and delete everything.
    Thankyou Bazz
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    07-07-2014 03:39 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Are you trying to download those files and install them as apps? .exe files are for Windows, not Android, so that won't work.

    In order to install apps to Android, you should use a legitimate appstore like Google Play Store or Amazon Appstore. Google Play Store is not available on all devices, since they have to be certified by Google--since I don't recognize the brand of your device at all, there's a decent chance you don't have Google Play. If that's the case, you can try other appstores like Amazon Appstore--use your device's browser to go to amazon.com/amazonappstoreapp, and then follow the directions. Other appstores include GetJar and SlideMe.

    See this guide for more information: http://forums.androidcentral.com/gen...ml#post3707487
    07-07-2014 10:34 PM
  3. Chris McKenzie1's Avatar
    Did u get any feedback. Kmart have 4.1 on special today for $99. Any good?
    12-01-2014 03:24 AM

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