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    Hi guys! I need your help!

    So I was able to root my phone and installed a custom mod. Now it's working perfectly. HOORAY!... But, that's not my problem.

    About two weeks ago I rooted my brothers phone and installed the same mod. He has the same phone I have (Galaxy Grand Duos i9082). He was able to use the phone without problems for about two weeks until yesterday. He fully drained the battery and now the phone won't start up despite attempts of charging it. I have tried on putting my own charged battery on his phone but no luck, it just won't turn on. I tried doing the boot up to recovery button combo (menu+power+vol up) but no go. I NOTICED WHEN I PRESS menu+power+vol up OR JUST TRY TO TURN ON THE PHONE, THE CPU AREA BECOMES HOT BUT THE SCREEN STAYS BLACK.

    Any help?
    08-01-2014 07:46 PM

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