1. AC Question's Avatar
    I have uploaded an application on the play store. The app name is My App.

    When I now search for My App in the store search it doesn't appear but if I search for MyApp as the keyword i.e. without the space character then it is the first app in the search results. I want it to be found with My App as the name as well. How can i do this and what's the reason for the different handling?

    This is my first app on play store so any help will be appreciated.
    08-06-2014 08:58 AM
  2. anon8380037's Avatar
    So you're the developer. I think it makes sense personally for Google to list it as MyApp, and it's a catchier title.
    If there are any devs here maybe they can suggest something, but otherwise I would ask Google to keep the title but make it seachable using My App as well.

    Just an opinion. And no I haven't looked it up.
    08-06-2014 09:13 AM

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