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    Both me and my wife just bought a S5 and im now trying to set up our common calendar. The calendar is made in my hotmail account but is shared with her with co-owner rights. She also uses hotmail.

    Its works fine on my S5. The commen calendar is my primary calender.

    But i cant get it to sync on her S5... She can not chose the calendar as her primary calender, cus she is not the maker/owner.

    Can i get our shared calendar sync'ed via her hotmail?

    08-22-2014 04:07 PM
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    Yes, it's real easy too. Simply go to Hotmail Calendars and Go to the sharing options. Just go to get a link and click the second option. From there copy the ICS link that starts with webcals://. Copy this link and paste it into your browser but before you press enter change "webcals://" with http:// now as soon as you press enter a file will start downloading. Now go to Google Calendars and sign into the account you use on your S5, from there you want the "Other Calendars" in the left pane. Click the arrow next to the "Other Calendars" and click "Import Calendar" and simply upload the calendar (.ics file you just downloaded) to Google Calendars. Wait for the calendar to get synced with your device and voila.
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    08-22-2014 07:25 PM
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    Impressive. I just wouldn't have started the post with "it's real easy".
    08-22-2014 07:37 PM

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