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    I finally made it to a computer with my AT&T Z998 to give it some freedom(root her), I know absolutley little about computers, I manually(hold down on/off switch, rapidley press up on volume & press home page til the android shows on the screen, I rebooted up volume style & down volume style in succsession then suddenly my screen said upgrade, but nothings different except for most preinstalled apps are failing, when I go to updates it wants me to grab some package put it in root directory file, I have no clue what they mean,I am not computer savvy but trying, my precious wants it after a little glimpse of true cellular freedom, it asks me everyday since then, oh yeah, it saysI rooted in an odd way so now i am at a computer to correctly root my AT&T Z998, or not, rules dont matter, the update android is in my settings app uninstall, force stop section on my downloaded apps list, so i am now connected to a pc on charge only til i get some REAL advice or instuction, so far i have been on this computer for 4 hrs. & so far everybody wants a purchase: new phones, bicycles, sweaters, watches, send me email,....etc. I love my lil Z998, idont want another phone, our satellite crashing, porn watching, date-site crushing, free app investigating days are just beginning, I hope, please Android gurus, can you help?
    10-11-2014 12:43 AM

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