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    Hey all!

    I had 2 Vivids at my disposal, one with a straight casing but cracked screen and the other with a bent casing but perfect screen.

    I attempted to do a swap between the two so I could get the straight body with the good screen.

    After about three hours I finally got a finished product. It turned on but then once I tried to type in my password I realized that something was wrong with something because when I would tap the screen near the middle other points would act as if they were touched as well. This makes it nearly impossible to type. Other than this I think all other functions work properly.

    I'm thinking it's caused by one or more of these three things:

    Adhesive left over from ripping the components apart is unevenly distributed.

    Connecting the digitizer/screen component to the motherboard yielded a very annoying and tricky latch thing for connecting the wider ribbon wire that I eventually jammed in as far as I could then closed the white bar thing. Flat out the most annoying and frustrating part of the process, in all the instructional videos it looks so easy. Can post pictures of this particular item if necessary.

    Actually damaged the digitizer itself in the process of separating it from the screen

    It is to be noted that because there were no new parts involved I didn't apply new adhesive.

    Judging by what I've said here is there anything that I can do that will fix the touch problem? I will start at the top of those 3 things and work my way down unless anyone else has any suggestions.

    This is my first project by the way.

    11-06-2014 12:58 AM

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