1. dazjstuart's Avatar
    Just got my new xperia z3 compact pretty impressed so far but one thing that's annoying me is, on my old phone (galaxy s2) when I wanted to watch videos online (on the built in "Internet" browser, I never installed chrome or anything) it gave me the option of playing the video through the phones media player or downloading it. The z3 only seems to play videos through the browser and it's a bit slow and annoying. Is there a browser or app that let's me chose how to play the video?

    11-27-2014 10:49 PM
  2. wizzrah's Avatar
    Hello. I suggest you download a video player like MX Player or BS Player off the play store and see if the option to play it in an external player comes up again. Or try another browser like Firefox.
    11-28-2014 01:30 AM

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