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    I rooted my tab and after a few days I unrooted it. After unrooting it I faced a problem in one of my storages. I cant download anything it says i have insufficient storage while my int. storage has 2gb free and sdcard has 1gb.The storage that was at top was my ram but after this it's total space went to 0 and the apps I try to download I think give an error because somehow my default installation location has changed from int. storage to the above one.
    Here are some screenshots:-
    This is the above storage which was my ram and had more than 300mb of total space
    Where did my storage space go?-screenshot-2014-12-19-204538.jpg
    This is my int. storage
    Where did my storage space go?-screenshot-2014-12-19-204554.jpg
    This is my extsd
    Where did my storage space go?-screenshot-2014-12-19-204609.jpg
    PLZ help
    12-19-2014 12:03 PM

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