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    Ok guys so I just rooted my lg g3 last week and I love it to death. The thing is, my family is planning to switch from att to T-Mobile. I don't want risk boot looping my phone and all of that to unroot my phone. I understand that I voided my warranty, but will they not accept my phone for a trade in or will they even know if I'm rooted? I still have the stock ROM, unedited boot loader, everything is still stock except for the phone actually being rooted and a system setting in which I changed from false to true, but everything else are just apps or modules that I can easily uninstall. Also if you can, tell me if you've ever upgraded your phone after a 2 year contract or switched carriers like I'm doing and if you had any problems. Thank You!

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    01-10-2015 09:16 PM

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