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    Please bare with me as I am only 15 and know little to nothing about Android as I have been a Apple user my whole life. For Christmas my parents ordered me a used unlocked AT&T LG Optimus G Pro off of eBay and I am using it with NET10. I really, really want to upgrade it from Jelly bean to Kit Kat or whatever the new operating system is but every time I do it tells me I can't because it has been rooted or something. I have downloaded the app, Super SU which has the option to do a " Full Unroot". If I do this will this fix the problem and let me update my phone without locking it back to AT&T or bricking it? I am really worried about this, and locking my phone back to AT&T. When I first got the phone it would not even give me the option to update since the update comes from AT&T servers so I put an un-registered AT&T sim in my phone temporarily and every since it has gave me the option to update.
    02-03-2015 01:34 PM

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