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    I like the simplicity and quickness of a basic swipe lock but I would like a pattern after 10 minutes of inactivity so that my phone would be a little more secure.

    I just recently got the Samsung Galaxy S5, which has a newer Android system (5.0) than my old phone. If I remember correctly, on my old phone I could have a pattern (or other secure lock) that I only had to enter after a certain length of time and have my swipe lock when the pattern wasn't applied yet.

    The only options I see are to "Lock Automatically" after a specified amount of time and "Lock instantly with power key."
    -When my phone is set to lock automatically after 10 minutes without the instant power key lock option selected, then pressing a button causes my screen to open wherever I left it (home screen, Facebook, wherever). This seems like it would cause a lot of issues if my phone is in my pocket and a button is accidentally pressed.
    -If the instant power key lock option is selected, then my phone will make me unlock it with the pattern every single time because I always use the side button when I'm done using my phone.

    Is there a way to have a swipe lock (rather than nothing at all) with a pattern lock only after the specified time duration? I hope this feature is available and I'm just overlooking it.
    03-15-2015 09:59 PM

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