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    I have copied over mp3 files from a computer to my rooted phone, and I cannot hear anything when I play them at all. Sound works fine outside of listening to music, such as in app sounds, ringtones, videos, online music players, Youtube, but local sound files are just silent.
    I use Google Play Music to listen to audio, and I noticed if I play a file, then restart the phone while it is "playing" it plays just fine when it reopens, but only that file, and only that session. Replay doesn't work out. I tried playing the sound files from Google Drive, and I get the same result. It can't be the files because I can play the same files from Google Drive from my computer just fine.
    I got an M8 rooted with aokp task650 at&t and this only recently started happening. Its independent of the rom i'm using but I put it up just in case.
    I've wiped the data and cache, retried, uninstalled reinstalled, retried, and then tried many different players on the play store, nothing works. Although I have noticed something unusual there is just one audio file that actually plays, all the other ones won't. They all play just fine on my computer and directly from Google Drive, but when I play from Google Drive on my phone it doesn't seem to work, so it can't be the files. My phone can definitely play these files, as shown after the restart trick, but something is keeping it from playing them all the time. This is the single issue in my entire phone and it bugs me a lot. PLEASE HELP thanks.
    04-25-2015 09:51 AM

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