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    How do I get SwiftKey to recognize my KitKat Personal Dictionary?

    I WILL NOT be connecting to my social media accounts.

    Will it still learn frequently used phrases like children's names and email addresses?

    Is there somewhere I can pre-populate that?

    Do I have to connect to cloud or turn on personalization for it to remember my frequently used phrases?

    I haven't done this because I don't plan to use any other devices so I don't need to share any settings with any other devices.

    This seems like a pretty frequently missed thing. I mean anybody who sets up a Personal Dictionary in Android then installs SwiftKey, no more dictionary. What am I missing?
    I need to setup shortcuts for commonly used unusual words and email addresses. Please help. I like the keyboard so far but this is horribly frustrating and will be a deal breaker if I don't figure it out soon.

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    04-30-2015 08:01 PM

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