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    I have a Galaxy Note 3, running Android 5.0

    Any time I try to add VPN credentials (either manually or with an app that sets them up), I am forced to go through the "Set up a secure screen lock type." (no problem - I set a PIN [or passcode or pattern]). Then I am asked to confirm it (again, no problem - I confirm it). Now starts the problem.
    I am asked to DRAW THE UNLOCK PATTERN - even if I set it up as a PIN or Passcode. No matter what I enter, it just kicks me back to "Please draw the unlock pattern." If I had originally set it as a pattern, I have the pattern box available; if I had set it as a PIN, I have the number pad available; if I set it as a passcode, I have the keyboard available. But again, no matter what I entered as the original lock or what I enter at this point, I am kicked back to "Please draw the unlock pattern" and can never get to the VPN installation.

    What am I doing worng or how can I fix this?
    05-20-2015 03:09 PM
  2. Mike McQuaid's Avatar
    I believe using VPN requires some sort of security PIN or Pattern.

    Try setting your current lock method to pattern, them try setting it up. (I assume you are using finger print or swipe only?)

    You can also try going to Lockscreen and Security--Other security settings--Clear Credentials. I have two do this when I want to go from using Finger print to none.

    I hope this gets you in the right direction.

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    05-20-2015 03:16 PM

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