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    Extracted galaxy s4 i9505 firmware with sgs2toext4, mounted image with Linux Reader and saved all to folder "system". Launched JoelDroid Batch Deodexer v2.5 and deodexed my ROM. (Java is OK). Everything deodexed well with SUCCESS messages. Then I made up ROOT installer, updater-script and all these files. Put that in zip and pushed to phone. Did a clean install and my ROM booted up. Everything works, except I cant even set up my phone because Google Apps crashes all the time (multiple times per second). Tried many times on different computers and operating system with different bases and different update-binary files.

    Whats the problem, what i am missing and how to fix google apps crashing after deodexing?

    I really wanna make my own ROM.
    06-13-2015 07:56 AM

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