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    I've had my tablet for over year. I've had to replace three chargers. I'm always VERY gentle with my devices/ chargers. Nothing looks wrong with the charger. It used to be where I would have to bend the cord in weird ways. The metal part that goes in the tablet bends. I've tried using my computer with a different USB cord. The only thing it does when I do that is it shows it needs to be charged. Even though I was charging it at the time. Please help I have very important files on my tablet. Is there any way at all I can fix this. Please and thank you.
    07-09-2015 09:05 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Part of the issue may be that it's an RCA tablet--which is an off-brand device (despite the venerable nameplate), and therefore more prone to hardware defects.

    You're saying that currently, you're using a USB cable connected to the computer for charging? First, charging from a computer USB port is pretty weak--the port doesn't supply much of a current. Plug it into a wall outlet instead. If it doesn't seem to work there, then try a different cable and/or charger.
    07-09-2015 09:15 PM

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