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    Good morning, and happy Monday! New member, never posted before. I have had Samsung devices pretty much non-stop for a couple of years, with some trades here and there for HTC and LG. I purchased a Note 4 a month or so ago, and, considering going back to an HTC M9. I know the Note 4 is worth more monetarily, right now, but, really kind of tired of TouchWiz. Would like feedback from anyone that has had both phones. (My concerns are primarily if the overheating has been resolved with updates, and how Sense is with Lollipop) Just an FYI, I never use the SPen, and never use multi-window. Got the Note primarily for real estate, but, ready for something new.

    Thanks in advance!!
    07-13-2015 09:18 AM
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    Welcome as a new member.

    You may get replies here, but I recommend posting also in the Note 4 and M9 forums, where you'll be fairly likely to encounter users of both devices.

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    07-13-2015 10:39 AM
  3. bmac143's Avatar
    Thank you very much, I am very new to this!!!
    07-14-2015 08:12 AM

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