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    I use my nextbook 8 to store multiple gigabytes of accumulative data, and it stores it on NAND Flash, which only has 4.52 GB of space. I would rather have this information be stored on a much larger external SD card, but my tablet stores all of it's information on Flash, and absolutely nothing on the SD card. NAND Flash keeps getting filled up and I would like to know how to make my nextbook 8 stop using NAND Flash for storage and instead use an external SD card.
    Absolutely any advice you could give to solve my problem would be greatly appreciated.
    07-15-2015 06:24 AM
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    It's a pain in the *** is what it is. I bought the nextbook 8 with the Jellybean OS and discovered the same thing.The OS does not allow installing to an external sd card, it's only used for storing files such as music, videos, text, etc. Stupid ! After finding i could not install hardly any apps or games before running out of space i decided to either find a way to fix it or throw the damn thing in the trash. You need to root the nextbook to start, i used "Kingo Root". You may have to install a driver to get your pc or laptop to see the tablet. Turn on usb debugging under "Developer options" on the tablet and plug into your pc. Kingo root included 2 files, run Impacter.exe first, then android root.exe , search for Arctools and install to the tablet. Now search for the latest sp flash tool and install on you pc. Search for this file- Oma_Nextbook_NX785QC8G_KK_4.4.2_v2.1_gen2_loader.7z it's from the same site that provides Arctools. Flash the file to the tablet and it will now be updated to Android version 4.4.2 and be seen as a Nexus 7. It's a little complicated to get all this figured out but i managed it in an hour or so. There's a help file or 2 that comes along with the software needed to do this but it does not explain itself all that good. I did this about 7 months ago so it may be a little better now. When you get done the tablet has a newer OS, it's faster and has more options. best of all the external sd card will be seen by the tablet as the internal Nand flash. while the nand flash is now seen as the external card. With a 64 gb card you can install all the apps and games you want. Good Luck !
    11-23-2015 12:20 AM

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