1. AC Question's Avatar
    I just tried do backup my photos on my Samsung S5 for the first time with G Photos app. In my gallery I've got about 1000pics done with camera and about 500-600 more in separate folders like instagram, gopro etc.

    I've selected only camera and 2-3 other folders no more than 1500pics, but on the Assistant screen it shows 5000 items left.

    After 1 day I see all my photos in Google Drive in my browser, just the videos are still not synced. But in the app shows about 4000 items left??! Where it gets all these photos?
    09-13-2015 02:29 PM
  2. Teejai80's Avatar
    Hi and welcome to Android Central.

    Seems a little strange. If you go into photos any pictures that aren't uploaded will have a some arrows in a circle. I guess just check for those. I would just wait until it has finished your videos and it may just fix itself.
    09-14-2015 12:34 AM
  3. Mariyan Tashev's Avatar
    Hello again and thanks for your reply. It's something a lot strange in that app. I checked my settings everything seems OK - Sync over wifi (I'm at home) and deselected sync only when charging so it must sync always.

    So everything is synced as you can see from my photos just a couple of videos left. You can see that I haven't got more than 1500 files in my gallery.

    And when I made those screenshots it synced them at the minute and still you can see it's stuck at 4xxx files left!!

    Screens : dropbox.com/sh/lqetkrg6jea77jx/AACwgQEinOP2fgbgZlCF65Wja?dl=0
    09-14-2015 02:54 AM

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