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    I've seem to have some major issues with my SS s6 Edge Plus, One morning befor work, my s6 Edge Plus would not recognise my fingerprint scan, and like a fool I could not remember my backup code, so I thought the only way for me to restore my phone and unlock it would be use the Google account/gmail account restore.

    Now this is impossible, It won't recognise my google account even though on my PC I can log into my Google Account and see that my SM-G928F is the Active Unit on this account, I've had this account for years and have 2 step verification so none been messing with it.

    So I tried the factory reset and started all. add my info in just as I did on the first day I got it. Selected the language, name, and my Google account mail but all I get is an error saying that I have to use the previous Google account active on the phone, I've tried all my Google account none of them works, even the Google account that was active the night befor all this isn't working.

    What am I suppose to do?

    In advance thanks
    10-04-2015 06:42 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! 2-step authentication on your Google account can mess things up if you have to enter your Google credentials on the phone in this situation. Turn off 2-step temporarily for your Google account, then try again.
    10-04-2015 05:38 PM

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