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    The 32GB miniSD card in my Republic Wireless Motorola Moto E popped out on its own (without having ejected properly) and now my phone does not recognize the data on the card. Foolishly, I was not backing up my data.

    I went looking for a data recovery app and discovered the Mac version of MiniTool Data Recovery, which I downloaded from Cnet (I couldn't find it in the App Store). My computer is currently configured not to run apps downloaded from the internet, and I don't know anything about the people who created this app.

    I'm wondering:

    1) Has anyone had experience addressing the problem I'm having? (If so...any recommendations?)

    2) Has anyone used MiniTool Data Recovery?

    While my computer is not recognizing the miniSD card, it does appear in Disk Utility. I was tempted to use Disk Utility's First Aid function, but since it needs to go back into the Moto E and be used there, I'm guessing that this is not the solution...
    12-26-2015 09:04 AM

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