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    I recently got(not purchased. was gifted with the thing) a generic chinese android tab (xpod arc8 no one would know anything about it) with the processor gs702-a. So I found the stock rom to be completely crap and I decided to flash cyanogen. Installed a custom recovery, made a backup of the stock rom and prepared for the flashing process. The battery of the tablet was bad like really BAD. I begun the flashing process and it shut down. I had started with 50% but it had somehow died out. Tried to reboot and it got stuck on the manufacturer logo. Rebooted and it got stuck on the android logo and now it wont reboot at all. Managed to get into recovery mode but found out that the display was messed up and some options were off-screen AND the touch wouldn't work (twrp custom recovery). Is there any way I can get it to connect to my PC and I can restore the backup I made. Now I need help ASAP but I need to get one thing straight, I am completely unaware of the android dev terms and everything so please try to give dumbed down solutions. Thanks.
    01-01-2016 11:35 AM

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