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    Okay, so this is a brand new phone I bought weeks ago and I noticed that my phone can only hold a certain amount of app which is funny because my old phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 was able to hold tons of apps and I still had a plenty of space left.

    Now, I looked it up on Google I did the factory reset about 3 times same problem, I have tired not installing the apps that I previously had while factory reset/Reboot of whatever it's called, same problem. I have tired clearing out the cache,deleting pictures, and disabling a few apps that came with the phone and it seems like nothing works. I have contacted the company and hopefully they have a solution and any advice would help me out greatly because this is very frustrating and I never had a phone that did this unless I had too many pictures or apps taking up space, but this phone's system memory takes up about half of my phone's space.

    The phone is a ZTE Z819l by the way.
    02-22-2016 05:18 PM

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