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    In my home automation setup, I'm using 'cheap' Android phones and tablets as wall-mounted access & control panels; displaying a custom web page with data-points and 'buttons' (like Tstat temp&controls, outside temp, room temps, presence states, system Mode state, security cams, lighting controls, etc) that enable me to interact with the HA system, with the desired HA devices relevant to the room each panel is mounted in, etc.

    I use SharpTools for two-way integration between SmartThings and the Android devices.

    I use Tasker and SecureSettings to do things on the Androids.

    e.g. motion happens in room, SharpTools gets the 'motion active' signal from the SmartThings system, and sends it on to the Android device. Tasker then uses SecureSettings to turn the screen on (I normally leave them OFF in order to save electricity). After a user-specified motion-inactive-timeout, the screen goes back off.

    However, data for some of the items on the control panels is missing sometimes, and I need to click a refresh button (either on the browser, or a 'button' on the control panel) to get it all to show up.

    Is there any way of sending a refresh command to the browser programmatically?

    I'd like to be able to have the refresh command added into my 'screen-ON' commands, etc so that it's all taken care of for me when the screen turns on at motion trigger so that I don't have to always keep clicking refresh on the darn things whenever they are missing pieces, etc.

    p.s. I have seen that there is an 'add-on' for Dolphin browser that enables me to schedule refreshes, and that could be fine, but I'm hoping to find a solution that works in Chrome on Android, and which can be integrated into my existing setup (i.e. an instant reaction, without needing to schedule it for specific times, etc; just like there's no sense in having the screen on wasting electricity all the time when not in use, I also don't want to just be refreshing it all the time when the screen is off. seems silly and an unnecessary 'hit' on network resources - especially once they're mounted in every room in the house).
    03-28-2016 12:19 PM
  2. BiRONIC's Avatar
    Is there a better forum for this question?
    03-30-2016 09:01 AM
  3. BiRONIC's Avatar
    Is this forum still active?
    I would even welcome a good'ol thread-crapping at this point; if for no other reason than to make sure I know there's still somebody on here. lol
    04-11-2016 03:08 PM
  4. BiRONIC's Avatar
    04-12-2016 08:18 AM
  5. MeggittJim's Avatar
    I'm very interested in this as well. Have you found a solution?
    07-05-2016 11:05 AM

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