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    I'm having a problem using MTP to transfer media files.

    MotoE2(4G-LTE) XT1524, Android 6.0.

    Phone shows:
    Device Storage
    Total used of 15.28GB
    Android OS
    Internal storage
    4.29GB used of 5.00GB
    Samsung SD card
    16.89MB used of 7.28GB

    When I connect the phone to my PC using a USB cable and switch to MTP connection, the phone appears as expected. However, neither the SD card itself nor its circa 7GB of free space appear, only 'Internal storage'. I cannot transfer media files beyond filling up the 5GB of 'Internal Storage'. This behaviour is recent.

    What's gone wrong and how do I put it right?
    05-10-2016 11:44 AM

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