1. suthern_man's Avatar
    Call me a late bloomer but I'm just now getting around to using S Voice on my Note 5. In doing so, I realized that I need to change some of my default apps, for example instead of the music player, I want PowerAmp to open.

    However, despite watching several videos and reading countless web pages, all of which make it seem so easy, I am no closer to my goal. All I've done so far is destroy the appearance of all my home screens!
    All my icons are supersized and my app tray is gone.

    The one place I've found that allows me to assign defaults doesn't even list PowerAmp as an option.

    Surely this isn't that flippin' complicated a task, is it? Thanks!

    Posted using my Note 5 via the Android Central App
    05-18-2016 03:24 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Try Default App Manager. It takes you to the normal places you'd do it normally, but at least it takes you to the right places.
    05-18-2016 06:00 PM
  3. suthern_man's Avatar
    Thanks, Rukbat! Will do!

    Posted using my Note 5 via the Android Central App
    05-21-2016 01:41 PM

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