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    Device: Galaxy S5 (SM-G900I)
    Android Version: 5.0

    So I have just done a factory reset of my phone, full wipe and start over.

    I have a single Google Account.

    ALL my contacts are on Google, I just got married to my now wife who changed her surname. I have just updated my wife's name and email address on my mobile but it is not syncing back to Google Online Contacts/GMail.

    1. I have gone into Accounts and unticked 'Sync' and reticked it to force a Sync and it comes back with a Green tick to indicate sync went fine.

    2. I have read this page and nothing useful found there except one comment suggesting to turn on Activity Controls>Device Information but this made no change:

    3. I know for 100% certain this is not an Outlook/Exchange sync issue as I don't use that, I only have my one single Google Account. I can confirm this because when I go on my mobile, go into Contacts, hit settings , then hit 'Move device contacts to' - it returns the message "Unable to move contacts. No contacts are saved on your device"

    4. For the sake of it I tried updating other contacts, contacts in groups, contacts not in groups and their names all updated instantly no problems. I tried changing their surnames as well and it worked no issues. I can't understand of all the contacts why it is just not working with my wifes.

    Any ideas?
    06-02-2016 09:39 PM

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