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    Hello all, I am having a bit of trouble. Now before I begin allow me to explain that I am by no means new to the Android OS and I know my around it fairly well, including fixing most problems. Anyways, to start, my tablet is the Pacific TECH Professional. It is just some odd brand from Amazon. It runs on Android 5.0.1. I started getting a bootloop randomly. I went into the boot loader and I tried "factory data reset" and I wiped the cache too. That didn't work, still just in bootloop. I've tried everything. I have another of the exact same tablet that works fine. I went into it's bootloader and selected the option to "backup user data" and then transferred the working tablets SD card to the non working and tried to restore it from the backup of the working on. That doesn't do anything, only displays the green Android guy with the rotating blue prism. Please help!
    07-22-2016 06:26 PM

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