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    I need help choosing a new phone and this seems a good place to find knowledgeable folks on everything Android. I have been a happy Samsung customer for 5 years and my Note 4 is has been my favourite phone so far, however my GPS is failing and i must part with it. I was eagerly awaiting the Note 7's arrival until i learned that there would only be an Edge version, a screen that i despise thoroughly for browsing the web, games and videos, which is 90% of what i do with my phone. I must agree however that it looks great when your are looking at the phone with the screen off, an activity i do not partake in.

    What i must have:
    5.7+ Screen
    3.5 jack.
    4gb ram+
    sd card slot.
    820 Snapdragon or equivalent.
    Released before this years end, ideally September.

    What i would love but can live without:
    Front facing speakers
    Removable battery

    Cost is not an issue, however i hate to pay a premium for features i find useless, which is another reason i am parting with Samsung. Iris scanning and waterproofing are not features that i will agree to pay for as i do not keep state secrets on my phone, nor do i shower with any of my electronics.

    Phones that i am currently looking at that seem to fit my needs:

    LG V20
    LG G4 Pro
    Huawei Note8
    Huawei Honor V8
    Lenovo Phab2 Pro

    -How do these compare in terms of UI? I have little experience in anything outside of touchwiz.

    -How do they compare in terms of OS updates? Time and frequency.

    I thank you all for your assistance.
    08-12-2016 01:57 PM

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