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    So I've been using the A5 2016 for about a month now and I really don't know what to think of it. The design looks like it is a flagship and the screen resolution is awesome but I think different about the software and RAM of the phone... Only 2Gb of RAM for a €350+ phone is a bit too less and still Android Lollipop... The Nexus is about to receive Nougat...

    I have used the P8 Lite before and except for the EMUI, which I got used to pretty fast, the Huawei really felt like a great phone. But is it good enough to replace the A5 2016?

    How is the fingerprint scanner? Because 75% of the time, my Samsung can't recognize my thumb or it says I have to clean it. Not only I have that issue with the A5 2016...

    And for the EMUI, I have bought a LOT of Launchers from the store so I can change it enough but will it be worth to change my A5 2016 for it?

    I use Snapchat like very often, and on my P8 Lite, I could not record a Snapchat video with a lens on, without it lagging and stuttering all the time.

    Maybe someone here has experienced both phones and can tell me what is best. Or should I wait for Marshmallow, when it finally releases and see wether the RAM issues are better? I live in Belgium and have an Orange (France) phone. I saw that they received the update in The Netherlands like 5 days ago but still nothing here...

    08-29-2016 08:25 PM

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