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    I dropped it from my pajama pants (good to read I'm not the only one) and it swam in my pee for about 2 seconds. I did give it a quick rinse which was dumb. I know. But my hands and phone were covered in pee and my wife was in the other room, what can you do?

    Anyway, everything seemed to work fine, except on a test call to my wife neither the speakers nor the microphone seemed to work. Again, I'm an ***** for even trying.

    Phone otherwise responded appropriately, and I was able to turn it off normally, 3 times (since I kept turning it on accidentally while I was tearing it down). I didn't remove the battery since I didn't want to leave evidence that it had been tampered with (the adhesive), but it is disconnected from everything and the back cover, motherboard, the other piece that was over the motherboard, and the remainder are all drying in rice now. I don't have rubbing alcohol, unfortunately, so is it worth getting some in the morning to give the parts a bath, or is that too late to be useful?

    As I was stripping it there was some moisture, mostly on the bottom, and I blotted it. I did remove the microphone gaskets to make sure to get in there. I did not remove the speaker because, much as I would like to, it looked like the process of removing that tape would make tampering obvious, and I'm hoping to fall back on warranty if drying doesn't work.

    On the note of warranty, is the water damage indicator the white square right above the battery, near the battery connector? Would it have turned red if it got wet enough to indicate?

    What are my odds of getting the microphone/speakers back? I can replace those if I have to (that is, the entire motherboard for the microphones) given that I've already gone through the process of taking the thing apart once now, so the second time should be easier.

    Any further advice before I say my atheist prayer and boot it up in 24 hours?
    09-20-2016 03:27 AM

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