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    Have a cheap little LG, dont know what model because i cant get back into the damn thing at the moment...was installing an update and this thing (that i've never heard of) pops up on my phone and i have ZERO clue what it is, how to use it, or why it's even there. I have looked around this forum extensively, and have yet to see any answers. I got it through TextNow, online, like i said, a cheap little phone with crap service, but it came through the mail. Not tech savvy at all, so no clue if it's "rooted", or what that even means. Any help would be greatly appreciated, cuz i use that phone/line for business :-)

    10-19-2016 11:45 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is a recovery. (There are 3 main partitions in the phone - Android, Download and Recovery.) You can save and reload any current setup that's on the phone, so if you're going to try something that may not work out, you can restore the current state of everything - at once. You can wipe cache, wipe Dalvik cache, wipe pretty much anything.

    If you're not into the innards of the phone that much, leave it there, just don't use it.
    10-19-2016 12:39 PM

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