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    I have a Google calendar for meetings and another Google calendar for everything else. I'd like the phone to notify me for both calendars but use different volume/tone/vibration. The reason is that I'd like meeting reminders to be loud and continuous so that I don't miss a meeting, but for everything else (e.g. make dinner) I'd like a more subtle reminder.

    Essentially I'd like to set a different notification for different calendars.

    I tried something like 10 calendar apps: none has this functionality. I tried combining them (e.g. install 2 apps, turn notifications on only for one calendar in one app and turn notifications only for one calendar in the other app) and failed: they all seem to derive their calendar syncing centrally, so they either both notify for calendar x or they both don't notify.

    Does anyone have a solution? I can't be the only one wanting to be reminded differently if I have a meeting with a CEO vs. making dinner.
    10-26-2016 07:52 PM

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