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    On my Samsung Galaxy Note 3, all my contacts have been duplicated.
    Some are x2, some x3, some x5.

    I have already tried deleting all my duplicates, but suddenly they are back again.

    For what it's worth I have on my Galaxy Note 3 smartphone the following:

    For email I have: Outlook, Nine.
    For instant messaging I have: WhatApp, Viber, Skype, Twitter.
    I also have Facebook and Gmail although they are not supposed to have access to any of my contacts.

    For calendar on my phone I have DejaCalendar which I sync to Outlook365 on my Windows10 PC using CompanionLink for Outlook. My Outlook on my two PCs using a hosted version of MS Exchange

    But whenever I go into the official "Contacts" (orange button), and whenever I try to send an SMS, and whenever I try to make a phone call... there are all these multiples of every contact.

    It's a total nightmare.

    11-29-2016 12:59 PM
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    Have you tried Merge Contacts?
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    11-29-2016 03:51 PM

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