1. AC Question's Avatar
    So my problem is that when I download a movie onto my Galaxy Tab A,I need to transfer it to my MicroSD card to free up internal space. But I noticed that when I go to delete it from my internal storage it also deletes it from the MicroSD. I found out that I need to take out the MicroSD before deleting it and then put it back in. Is there an easier way without having to take out the card? I don't want to have to keep removing my tablet cover every time to do this. My Galaxy Tab 4 didn't have this problem, am I missing something on the Tab A?
    01-07-2017 12:04 AM
  2. Jay Sacks's Avatar
    Here is a work around. instead of copying then deleting, just "move" so you don't need to delete. also, you can "unmount" the sd card as this is a virtual removal.
    what file manager are you using?
    I have never encountered that problem
    01-07-2017 10:56 AM
  3. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Sounds like the app you are using to do the move/copy and delete is misbehaving.
    What app are you using?

    Any third-party file browser app should do this correctly for you.
    I like "x-plore" by Lonely Cat Games
    01-07-2017 07:06 PM

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