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    Lenovo TAB3 7 Essential tablet purchased for a child. It only has 8g storage but we weren't concerned about that because it advertised the facility to add extra storage with an SD card. I have learnt through searching the web that many others have the same problem with all makes of tablets and phones, regardless of price. The Lenovo website gives details of how to save photos, videos etc. but the "save to SD" is grey and doesn't work. I asked the retailer from whom I made the purchase and he told me that no recent makes of android tablets will save to an SD card.

    Can someone please tell me: If I back up the tablet to the card (this seems to be something it will do), can I then delete what is on the tablet and use the aps or files from the SD card?
    02-28-2017 01:03 AM
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    Nope. If you delete app (important) files on the tablet, you cannot use them from the SD card.

    Instead, you can copy files like photos, videos, audio and documents and paste to SD card, and then delete them from your tablet. Don't use Cut and Paste in case that accidental errors cause data losing.

    For apps and games, you can try moving to SD card by going to Settings> Application manager(or something like this), tap an app or game from the list, check whether there is an option as "Move to SD card". In this way, you can still use the app after moving. Not all apps can be moved to SD card though (if without root access). Big size apps and games are more likely movable.

    Always make backups for your tablet or phone in multiple ways.
    02-28-2017 03:04 AM

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